It has been more important than ever to provide safe, high-quality home care and live-in care during Covid-19 to the elderly and vulnerable.  At Mumby’s, we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We provide outstanding care for your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

We believe that live-in homecare can provide the best practical and emotional support possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your loved one is cared for by a highly trained professional. They can safely shield from the virus. They will also benefit from constant companionship so they do not become lonely and isolated.

Covid-19 – Home Care & Live-in Care, the Benefits Explained

  • Your loved one will live with one constant carer in their own home, reducing their risk of infection from multiple carers.
  • Your loved one will have constant companionship so will not feel lonely or isolated. This will help support their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Your highly-trained carer provides for your loved one’s needs and reduces unnecessary contact from multiple healthcare professionals.
  • The virus can easily spread in a care home environment despite the staff’s best efforts. However, it is much easier to prevent infection when your loved one is at home with a dedicated carer.
  • Our carers are fully trained in good hygiene practice and infection control to keep your loved one safe. They can remind clients about hand hygiene and social distancing for those clients who may be forgetful of the Covid-19 rules, such as dementia clients.
  • Your carer can isolate with your loved one and arrange for delivery of food and medicine so that your loved one stays safe.
  • As long as the carer and client are symptom-free, neither will need to wear a face mask at home. This helps maintain a sense of normality as well as reducing confusion, fear and stress, particularly for clients with dementia.
  • Your carer will always be on hand to support your loved one to eat nourishing food, stay warm and keep moving. This will help create better health outcomes.
  • Your carer can also help you stay in touch with your loved one by helping them with technology such as video calling.
  • Dependant on Covid-19 restrictions, you will be able to visit your loved one as usual.
  • Respite care if you are feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities during Covid-19.

Additional benefits of Live-in Care

  • Your Mumby’s carer will live in your loved one’s home 24 hours a day, 7-days a week providing constant care and reassurance.
  • Couples can stay together in their own home.
  • Your loved one can stay in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home and can continue to keep a much-loved pet if they choose.
  • Live-in home care allows more flexibility so that your loved one can follow their preferred routines and enjoy hobbies and activities when they choose.
  • Our carers undergo professional training to provide the required support for a range of needs. Training includes particular attention to attending to clients with sensitivity and compassion for conditions such as dementia.
  • You have an allocated a dedicated Care Manager. They keep you up to date with your loved one’s wellbeing and handle any concerns you may have.
  • Live-in home care usually costs the same or less than a residential care home.

How Mumby’s can help

At Mumby’s, we match your loved one with a carer who shares their values and interests to ensure a close relationship develops. As a family-run business, we choose carers with a true vocation to caring for others.

The Mumby’s team are dedicated to providing care that meets all your loved one’s physical and emotional needs. We are continuing to provide quality care throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We have implemented a number of measures and developed innovations to keep our carers and clients safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more.

If you would like to know more about our live-in care services, speak to a member of our team today on freephone 0800 505 3511 or email info@mumbys.