Mumby’s Outstanding Live in Care for Couples

Couples live-in care to help keep elderly partners together

Mumby’s live in care for couples allows your elderly parents to receive the level of care they need whilst staying together in the comfort and familiarity of their home.

Who needs live in care for couples?

Often care for elderly couples is required as one partner in a couple needs more long-term care and support than the other can provide. This may be due to one partner:

  • experiencing the onset of a debilitating illness such as Dementia or Parkinson’s disease
  • becoming too frail to continue to care for the other safely or adequately
  • requiring stroke or cancer care.

At this time, you and your elderly parents may feel anxious. You have probably explored care homes and found that very few care homes offer double bedroom accommodation for couples, especially if one partner has dementia. The thought of your parents not being able to share the same living space, having spent many years living together, is inconceivable for all of you.

Live in care for couples may be the answer you’re looking for. Mumby’s live in care for couples offers an affordable solution to allow your parents to continue to live together in their home. They benefit from the care and support they need whilst maintaining their independence and continuing their daily lives. This is a reassuring option for all members of the family.

Live in care for couples is a cost-effective solution

We know that there are many variables at play when you are choosing the right care for your parents and that cost is a key factor. Live in care costs for couples are much more affordable than you might think. Unlike residential care where you pay for the space of two people, with live in care you pay for your carer’s time and care that is personalised to your parent’s needs.

The weekly price of live-in care, tailored to your parent’s specific requirements, is similar to the cost of just one bed in a residential home. Yet you get so much more as well. With a live-in carer your parents have one professionally trained carer to support them both around the clock.

Additional benefits of live in care for couples

Live in care for elderly couples offers many additional benefits, including:

  • Both stay in their own home
  • Both remain together
  • A calm and familiar environment with minimal upheaval
  • Continue to live independently and enjoy hobbies, activities and routines together without the wrench of being separated
  • Quality time to enjoy together without worrying about or being tired from each other’s care needs
  • One-to-one support from a fully-trained caring professional
  • Household tasks are taken care of
  • Flexible and tailored care and support to the couple’s needs and requirements
  • Peace of mind for all the family and friends

Why choose Mumby’s for live in care for couples

  • Outstanding rating by the CQC.
  • Live in care specialists – Mumby’s are experts and highly experienced in live-in care.
  • 100% recommended by clients – they are extremely likely to recommend us.
  • First-rate carer training – all Mumby’s carers receive outstanding and specialist care training including how to live with a client who suffers from dementia.
  • Recruit and retain high-calibre staff – fully checked and professionally-trained carer staff.
  • Carefully matched carers with clients – to provide the best care.
  • Family-run business – we treat our clients the same way as we would treat our own family with high-quality bespoke and personal care.
  • Fully managed care – we look after the employment of your carer. We are highly responsive so you will never be left without the support of a live-in carer.


We understand this is a big decision. Our friendly team are available to chat through all of your questions.

We conduct a thorough assessment of the care support your parents need, without obligation. With a full understanding of their requirements, we confirm an inclusive weekly fee.

Contact us to find out how Mumby’s can help your loved one.