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Frequently asked questions and answers

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Mumby’s Outstanding Live-in Care team answer your questions

We have been delivering outstanding live-in care since our inception in 2002. We have the experience of answering many questions and here we hope to answer some of those that are frequently asked. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you have a specific question that we haven’t answered here, please contact our helpful team and we’ll be pleased to personally chat it through.
Is there anywhere I can go to read more about live in care?2021-03-31T13:27:14+00:00

Yes, you can read more about live in care on our live-in care page.

Also, the live-in care hub provides a wealth of information and advice on live-in care and links to other relevant resources.

What happens if there is more than one person to care for?2021-03-07T15:47:19+00:00

Mumby’s live-in care is especially cost effective when a couple living at home requires some support. Our live-in care for couples can also help relieve the burden of care from the more able partner who might be struggling to care for their partner.

Mumby’s offers a free assessment to all potential clients to assess your care needs. Our detailed care assessment will help you plan for dealing with practical issues effectively and wherever possible, introduce new ideas that could quite simply make life better for everyone involved.

What happens when carers have a day off or go on holiday?2021-03-07T15:49:42+00:00

Mumby’s has over 90+ carers. In anticipation of holidays or absences you will be introduced to an alternative carer so that when your main carer is away you will have a replacement who you already know and who knows you. We will always try to send you a carer you know when your carer is away.

Do you just provide live-in care for the elderly?2021-03-07T15:48:00+00:00

Mumby’s are a specialist live-in care agency. We provide live-in care for the elderly who are frail, need extra support, or just simply want the companionship and security that comes with round-the-clock care.

We also help adults with physical and mental disabilities and have specialist carers that can provide care to high dependency clients. We care for clients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, a learning disability and mental illness.

We can also provide short-term support during convalescence care to help you recover after an operation or medical illness, compassionate palliative care and respite for carers.

Is Mumby’s regulated?2021-03-07T15:55:33+00:00

Mumby’s is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator of health and social care in England. CQC makes sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. We are proud to have achieved an outstanding rating with CQC. You can read our CQC report here.

Is live-in care more expensive than a care home?2021-03-07T15:51:50+00:00

Costs of care depend greatly on an individual’s needs, their location and the level of service they receive. Live-in care is not more expensive than a nursing care home but comparable and you get so much more included. With live-in care you have a dedicated carer who lives with you and is available to help you throughout the day and night. They build a strong relationship with you so they know what you like to eat and do, your daily routines and even when you are off colour or your health is of concern.

How do I know if live-in care is an option for me or my family?2021-03-07T15:52:34+00:00

Mumby’s offers a free assessment to all potential clients to assess your care needs. Our detailed care assessment will advise you on the level of care needed, help you plan the best way forward such as dealing with practical issues effectively and introduce new ideas that could make life better for everyone involved.

Are you UK wide?2021-03-07T15:56:29+00:00

Our offices are based in Oxfordshire. We provide care in Oxfordshire all its surrounding counties including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire, Herefordshire, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Middlesex, Surrey and into London. Call us today on 0800 505 3511 to discuss whether we can provide care in your area.

Why should I choose Mumby’s?2021-03-07T16:05:12+00:00

The Mumby’s team has decades of experience and our knowledge of the needs of older adults is unsurpassed. We are a privately owned, family business that focuses on providing outstanding one-to-one live-in care for our clients and a high level of personal attention to their families.

Read more about Why choose Mumby’s

Are you available 24-hours a day?2021-03-07T16:05:45+00:00

Yes. Our professional staff are available around the clock to meet your needs. Clients are given a 24/7 emergency phone number so someone can always be contacted.

You will also have your own care manager, a single point of contact who works with you and can help to coordinate with other health and care professionals, including getting you to your doctor or other appointments when necessary

Is there an additional charge for evening or weekend services?2021-03-07T16:06:34+00:00

Live in care is an all-inclusive set price per week. You will not have additional charges for unsociable hours as your carer lives with you and is available to attend as needed, with necessary breaks included!

Do you provide live-in carers?2021-03-07T16:07:13+00:00

Yes, Mumby’s provides live-in carers to suit your individual needs and situation. Our kind and warm carers are all professionally trained and go through a thorough recruitment process. They provide trustworthy and personal high-quality care tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

Can you provide private-duty home care services in other places than a residential home?2021-03-07T16:09:26+00:00

Yes. Our flexible service can offer live-in care in retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

How do you monitor what the carers are doing in the home?2021-03-07T16:10:45+00:00

Mumby’s senior management team perform regular spot checks and supervision of carers to ensure outstanding quality care. We survey our clients annually and work in cooperation with families to ensure our quality of care remains exceptional.

How do you choose a carer that would be right for my situation?2021-03-07T16:11:27+00:00

We have a team dedicated to finding out your needs, requirements and preferences to ensure that we can match the right carer for you. Our clients should feel 100% confident in telling us what they do and don’t want in a carer so we can make the right match. We will offer you carer profiles of carers who we think make a good match that you can choose from. We will introduce you to your carer before the placement begins if time is available.

Do you pay your carers or does the client?2021-03-07T16:12:49+00:00

All Mumby’s carers participate in an extensive and continual development care training program. We cover the most practical topics and situations encountered in providing our care services. We also provide specific training such as Dementia care which is delivered by Trevor Mumby, a psychoanalyst and family member, who specialises in dementia and understands in-depth sufferer’s wellbeing.  Read more

How do you select your carers?2021-03-07T16:14:26+00:00

Letting someone into your home requires trust and until you get to know your carer, we understand that you’ll rely on us to send someone that you can really depend upon.

All of our carers are carefully interviewed and screened. Complete and thorough professional reference and criminal background checks are standard. All carers are insured. Our carers also receive ongoing training and education from Mumby’s. Read more



Thank you so much for all your help during the latter part of mum’s life. You were so understanding in what was such a difficult time for all involved.


“Thanks again for everything. Your kindness, patience and professionalism
are outstanding and much appreciated. “

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