What happens if there is more than one person to care for?2017-07-24T06:04:33+00:00

Mumby’s live-in care is especially cost effective when a couple living at home requires some support. It can also be away to relieve the burden of care from the more able partner who might be struggling to care for their partner. Mumby’s offers a free assessment to all potential clients to assess your care needs.

What happens when carers have a day off or go on holiday?2017-07-24T06:03:29+00:00

Mumby’s has over 90+ carers on staff and in anticipation of holidays or absences you will be introduced to an alternative carer so that when your carer is away you will have a replacement you already know and who knows you. We will then always try to send you a carer you know when yours is away.

Do you just provide live-in care for the elderly?2017-07-24T06:03:00+00:00

We also help adults with physical and mental disabilities and have specialist carers that can provide care to high dependency clients.

Is there anywhere I can go and read more about live-in care?2017-07-24T06:02:19+00:00

The live-in care hub www.liveincarehub.co.uk provides a wealth of information and advice on Live-in care and links to other relevant recourses.

Is Mumby’s regulated?2017-07-24T06:01:25+00:00

Mumby’s is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator of health and social care in England. CQC make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. Read more here

Is live-in care more expensive than a care home?2020-11-16T09:37:50+00:00

Costs of care depend greatly on an individual’s needs, their location and the level of service they receive. Comparatively, live-in care is not more expensive than a care home but comparable and you also get so much more.

How do I know if live-in care is an option for me or my family?2017-07-24T05:48:51+00:00

Mumby’s provides a free assessment to potential clients to determine the level of care needed and determine the best way forward.

Are you UK wide?2017-07-24T05:40:19+00:00

We are based in Oxfordshire and provide care in all the surrounding counties and into London. Call us today on 0800 505 3511 to discuss whether we can provide care in your area.

Why should I choose Mumby’s?2017-07-24T05:57:28+00:00

The Mumbys’ team has decades of experience and our knowledge of the needs of older adults is unsurpassed. We are a privately owned, family business that focuses on providing outstanding one-to-one care for our clients and a high level of personal attention to their families.

Are you available 24-hours a day?2017-07-24T05:56:44+00:00

Yes. Our professional staff are available around the clock to meet your needs. Clients are given a 24/7 emergency phone number so someone can always be contacted.

Is there an additional charge for evening or weekend services?2017-07-24T05:56:06+00:00

Live in care is a set price per week, however, if you are paying for visits by the hour there is an additional cost and a premium rate for weekend/evening.

Do you provide live-in carers?2017-07-24T05:55:24+00:00

Mumbys provides both live-in and hourly carers to suit your individual needs and situation.

Can you provide private-duty home care services in other places than a residential home?2017-07-03T12:34:43+00:00

Yes. We can offer services in retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

How do you monitor what the carers are doing in the home?2017-07-24T05:54:39+00:00

Mumby’s senior management team perform regular spot checks and supervision of carers to ensure quality care. We survey our clients annually and work in cooperation with families to ensure our quality of care remains exceptional.

How do you choose a carer that would be right for my situation?2017-07-24T05:54:05+00:00

We have a team dedicated to finding out your needs, requirements and preferences to ensure that we can match the right carer for you. Our clients should feel 100% confident in telling us what they do and don’t want in a carer so we can make the right match.

Do you pay your carers or does the client?2017-07-24T05:53:05+00:00

Mumby’s is a fully managed service so we pay all carers directly and manage all of the administration including the carer’s contract of employment, insurance and taxes.

How do you train your carers?2018-05-15T15:28:35+00:00

All Mumbys carers participate in an exclusive care training program, which covers the most practical topics and situations encountered in providing our care services. Read more

How do you select your carers?2018-05-15T15:29:21+00:00

All of our carers are carefully interviewed and screened. Complete and thorough professional reference and criminal background checks are standard. All carers are insured. Our carers also receive ongoing training and education from Mumbys. Read more

What do I do if I want to complain?2020-11-16T09:35:56+00:00

Mumby’s has a clear complaints procedure which we will share with you if contact us via email info@mumbys.com

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