Mumby’s Outstanding Live-in Care Service

A kind and caring person lives and helps your loved one in their own home

Outstanding Live-in Care

Simply put live-in care enables you to continue living the life you choose in the safety and comfort of your home.

what is live-in care?Live-in care is a viable alternative to going into a nursing home for most people. A professional and compassionate carer comes to live in your loved one’s home to provide 24/7 support and companionship. This extra assistance in their home means they can continue to live safely at home and enjoy their everyday activities. Having a Mumby’s live-in carer offers continued independence for your loved one and complete peace of mind for you and your family. There will always be someone there able to help out, prevent accidents or be on-hand should your loved one fall ill.

The option of live-in care is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to moving into a care home. When asked, most people say they want to stay in their homes when they get older and live-in care makes this possible.

Live-in care brings many additional benefits than just the practicalities. A live-in carer will become a friend who offers emotional support and who really thinks about what your loved one enjoys and helps make this happen. It could be preparing a favourite dish that your loved one hasn’t had for a long time, taking them out to choose things themselves, visiting new places, escorting to social events, helping with a puzzle or playing games, reading aloud together, playing and listening to music or watching TV together. Our warm carers build a wonderful relationship with your loved one and often are thought of as part of your family.

Costs of live-in care are comparable and great value for money and they can even be cheaper than a care home. When you consider the benefits of live-in care compared to being in a care home it is clear, and proven, that people do better when care is given at home.

The main features of live-in care

  • Consistent one-to-one care and companionship
  • In the familiarity and comfort of your home
  • Flexible and personalised care plan with specialised care options
  • Round-the-clock (24/7) for peace of mind
  • A vetted carer you can trust
  • Carer matched to your needs, personality and interests
  • More affordable than you think
  • A truly personal service
  • Protects independence, dignity and choice
  • Preserves family life and pet ownership
  • Supports relationships and pastimes in your local community
  • Gets the chores done

Who needs live-in care?

Mumby’s live-in care clients vary in their needs and requirements, such as those;

  • Recovering from accidents, illnesses and surgery with short term medical conditions
  • Who need assistance with daily activities i.e. bathing, dressing, toileting and feeding
  • With family or friends that might require additional support or respite care.

To clients with more complex needs that require carers with specialist qualifications such as;

  • Patients with chronic medical conditions requiring ongoing care and supervision such as diabetes, emphysema, hypertension and stroke
  • Individuals in need of supervision due to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Patients with a terminal illness

Your alternative to a care home

Our live-in care support is an affordable alternative to feeling forced to go into a nursing or care home.

If living independently has become unsafe, is challenging or isolating then it may be time to consider a live-in carer. It is the perfect solution for those who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home where they are relaxed and can live independently. We encourage choice and respect the dignity of our clients, whilst being on hand to offer high-level professional support. Having care provided in your own home enables safety, feeling in control and above all remaining in a homely environment. Live-in carers work to the schedule of your home and understand the nature of the role. Support is provided for you and your carer with our phone line in operation 24/7.

The benefits of live-in care

There are obvious and more complex benefits to live-in care for both the client and their families including;

  • Remaining in your home

  • Spending your day as you please

  • Continuing your daily routine and social activities

  • Having a chaperone for appointments

  • Home cooked meals (your choice of meals)

  • Keeping your pets with you

  • 24/7 one-to-one care

  • Companionship

  • Specialist care if needed

  • Couples stay together

  • Proven to improve health outcomes

  • Boosts well-being and happiness levels.

  • Less caring responsibility and more quality family time

  • Peace of mind for the family

Mumby’s Live in Care Options

  • Introductory – we find, match and introduce a self-employed carer that the client and their family then manage and pay for directly. A detailed care plan is prepared. Advice and support are available from Mumby’s during office hours. Weekly service fee is paid to Mumby’s. Relief cover is arranged through Mumby’s. The carers provide their own insurance.
  • Fully Managed Service – we manage the service and support the client and the carer. A detailed care plan is prepared. We employ and take care of their salary and tax. We also train our professional carers to a very high standard. We have a pool of carers to choose from and cover is automatically provided for holidays, sickness and time off. We provide 24/7 on call advice and support. Weekly invoice is sent to the client directly. Carers are covered by Mumby’s insurance. We arrange travel to and from the placement. Our managed service is regulated by the CQC and subject to reviews and assessments. We have an outstanding rating from CQC. This service is favoured by most of our clients for total peace of mind. It is particularly valuable for people whose informal caring network isn’t close at hand.

Your concerns understood

Deciding to allow a new person into your life and your home, can be an extremely difficult and challenging process. We recognise and understand the fears you will naturally have and aim to provide peace of mind to our clients and their family. Mumby’s employ and train only the best carers, we then meticulously match the needs and preferences of our clients and their families with our support team.

You can rest assured that our experienced team know that some clients have preferences and sensitivities that can be awkward to discuss. They are dedicated to supporting you and your family through this process. We provide you with options and choices to suit your needs, no matter how delicate you might feel they are.

Training and Professionalism

Our stringent employment and comprehensive staffing process emphasises professionalism, expertise and qualifications. We select and screen our live-in support staff very carefully through pre-employment interviews and reference checks. Mandatory DBS police checks are carried out and regularly reviewed for all Mumby’s employees. Mumby’s are very proud to have an exceptionally high retention rate of care staff because they are valued and supported in their roles. It is important to us that we look after our staff so they can concentrate on looking after you.

24/7 support

Mumby’s is one of the only live-in care providers that provides an out of hours service. Someone will always answer your call on that emergency number if you have a concern.

If you wish to talk to us regarding care for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 505 3511 or 07775 581332 or email

Our Services

  • Light domestic duties

  • Offering companionship

  • Aid with reading Help with writing letters

  • Organising mail

  • Care for houseplants

  • Outings – social and appointments

  • Support for pets

  • Medication administration

  • Support with rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises

  • Provide reminders/arrange appointments

  • Menu planning/shopping

  • Preparing meals

  • Assistance with eating

  • Monitoring diet and nutrition

  • Personal care/grooming

  • Continence assistance

  • Mobility assistance

  • Assistance learning new skills and training

  • Adapting to any physical limitations

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Thank you so much for all your help during the latter part of mum’s life. You were so understanding in what was such a difficult time for all involved.






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