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Live-in care in Henley, Oxfordshire

Adjacent to the River Thames, Henley is a beautiful place to live and retire to. At Mumby’s, we have been providing care to residents of Henley since 2002. We believe that our family values and attention to the smallest detail sets us apart from other Live-in Care agencies in Henley.

What will a live-in carer do for my elderly parents?

Live-in care will enable your parents to continue living their life, in the way they want. Mumby’s provide 24/7 live-in care that is tailored to your parents’ needs. They’ll continue to be as independent as ever, free to enjoy their everyday activities as normal —  and, better yet, you’ll have peace of mind. 

What is the average cost of care in Henley and how do you compare?

Care home prices in Henley and the South East can start from £1000 and rise to £2000 a week.  In comparison, Mumby’s more affordable live-in fees begin at £998 per week at a companionship care level.   

Paying for live-in care provides excellent value for money when you consider the care is tailored to you rather than spread across many individuals in a multi-occupancy care home.  

Actual ‘contact’ hours are minimal in a care home and only really happen when nurses are on rounds, whereas with live-in care, your money is going directly on services tailored to you — because the service is dedicated to you. 

Our Family Values

Strong family values and attention to detail means Mumby’s will always provide the highest quality of care in Henley. 

We believe live-in care is, without a doubt,  the best option as it allows you to stay at home, connected to family and friends. 

Mumby’s strengths lie in our belief that everyone we meet — clients, families, staff and carers — are family. In Henley,  we’re the live-in care provider you can trust. 

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Our Family looking after your family
Isabelle Mumby – Care Manager

My role as Care Manager is to assess, support, liaise and assist people to find a care pathway which supports their wishes and needs; whilst also delivering high quality care with the amazing team here at Mumby’s.

Being part of our families live in care business is so important to me. I want to ensure all families get the quality of care i would want for my family