Keeping your independence is as important to your elderly loved one as it is to you


Maintaining independence is what keeps us feeling alive, happy and fulfilled. It makes us who we are.

Live-in care is about having just the right amount of daily support to enable your loved one to continue to feel safe and independent. And it goes without saying that it takes a special carer to get this balance right.


Far from being restricted from doing the things you still love doing, a live-in carer will encourage your loved one to carry on doing them. They are there when they may need a little assistance, and will let them get on with it when they want to do it themselves.

Have a routine but create it yourself!

Unlike in a residential care home, your loved one will have the freedom and flexibility to plan their own routine. They are not going to have to have their day planned by others to fit with everybody else’s. Variety is the spice of life is important at any age and it is ok to not follow a strict routine if your loved one doesn’t want to. It’s still their life, they just may need a little help and support here and there now.

Getting out and about

Maintaining independence is also about getting out, socialising with friends and family and going to their favourite places. This is one of the great advantages of having a live-in carer; the whole day is made easy, safe and enjoyable.

Our care your terms.

Our live-in carers are compassionate by nature and want the absolute best for the person they are caring for. Along with our custom-made care plans based around each person’s individual needs Mumby’s is able to maintain your loved one’s independence for as long as possible.

From a young child to an older grandparent, we value our independence.l Live-in care helps us maintain this.

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