At Mumby’s, we have been providing care for people in their own homes since 2002.

Ann Mumby started her career in the healthcare profession over 25 years ago as a registered nurse and has extensive experience in the home care profession.

During the coronavirus pandemic Ann, and the rest of the team, are bringing this wealth of experience of both nursing and the care profession to continue to provide quality care, safely, to all our clients.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we are putting in additional measures to protect both our clients and our staff. We are following the government and NHS guidance to ensure we keep people as safe as possible.

What are Mumby’s doing to prevent the spread of  Coronavirus?

At Mumby’s we are ensuring an adequate supply of PPE equipment, including masks, gloves and aprons, is provided to all our staff. We have sufficient stocks of PPE equipment for our needs.

We have also introduced protocols and procedures to protect our staff from contracting the virus and prevent them from spreading it to our customers. These have been developed in line with government and NHS advice.

Will I still get the care that I need during the pandemic?

We will do everything possible to ensure you continue to receive the excellent care you have come to expect from Mumby’s Homecare Support.

There may be some changes, such as your carer wearing additional PPE equipment and following extra procedures to keep everyone safe. You may also receive an alternative carer if your usual carer becomes unwell or needs to self-isolate.

What should I do if I have symptoms of coronavirus?

If you are a Mumby’s customer and are showing either of the main symptoms of coronavirus, you should contact your local care manager.

The symptoms of coronavirus are a continuous cough and/or a temperature.

Your care manager will then implement the protocols recommended by the government and NHS to take care of you and protect others.

Please be assured that we will continue to care for you if you have coronavirus.

We will, of course, monitor your symptoms and seek further medical assistance should this be required.

What happens if my carer becomes sick?

If your carer develops symptoms of coronavirus they will be instructed to self-isolate. You will be provided with an alternative, suitably qualified carer on a temporary basis.


Further Information

Of course, each client’s situation is different, and we always tailor our provision to the needs of our clients. If you, or your loved one, are receiving care from Mumby’s and have any questions or concerns, please contact your local care manager.

We are here to help at this challenging time and are able to support new clients if you or your loved one needs extra support to stay safe and well.

Please follow this link or contact us on 01865 391 187 to discuss your needs