Care for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Cheery carers put your loved one with a learning disability at the centre of their care.

Mumby’s Outstanding Live-in Care for Adults with Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities are all different. They have a diverse range of difficulties that present to lesser or greater degrees. At Mumby’s we understand adults with learning disabilities and we care for them so they can live the life they want.

Our Learning Disability Live-in Care

An adult with learning disabilities can have problems with understanding complex information, learning new skills, coping independently, looking after themselves and integrating into society. The term learning disabilities encompasses many conditions including familiar disorders such as autism and Down’s syndrome.

Mumby’s carers are fully trained and experienced to provide the highest quality of support and care to people with all types of learning disabilities.

Our live-in care support is tailored around the strengths, abilities, personal interests and life aspirations of the person with learning disabilities. A Mumby’s live-in carer provides the care they need to live a full and independent life in the comfort of their own home rather than in an institution or in group housing.

Live-in home carers are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and as a result, they can offer help and care whenever it is needed. We know that many people with learning disabilities do not like change. Live-in care supports them by offering a reliable and constant companion who assists in the routines that they enjoy. Our carers and clients often develop a great friendship.

The Live-in Care support we offer

Our live-in carers offer companionship, friendship and reassurance to adults with learning disabilities. We provide live-in support for an adult with learning disabilities to live independently at home. This can include help with:

  • Learning how to manage finances including bills and pensions.
  • Light domestic duties such as tidying, vacuuming, dusting and changing bedsheets.
  • Food shopping, preparation and cooking, eating and drinking at regular times, and washing up.
  • Working towards independence with personal care including washing, dressing, grooming, cleaning teeth and shaving.
  • Preparing for work, job searches and interview coaching.
  • Travel and training for independence.
  • Staying healthy and doing exercise.
  • Ordering prescriptions, managing medication and making appointments.
  • Building social skills and developing friendships.
  • New hobbies and activities and support joining in with them

Our Services

  • Light domestic duties

  • Offering companionship

  • Aid with reading

  • Help with writing letters

  • Organising mail

  • Care for houseplants

  • Outings – social and appointments

  • Support for pets

  • Medication administration

  • Support with rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises

  • Provide reminders/arrange appointments

  • Menu planning/shopping

  • Preparing meals

  • Assistance with eating

  • Monitoring diet and nutrition

  • Personal care/grooming

  • Continence assistance

  • Mobility assistance

  • Assistance learning new skills and training

  • Adapting to any physical limitations





Benefits of our Learning Disability Care

  • The chance for an adult with learning disabilities to live in their own home

  • To enjoy the freedom of choice and independence that comes with living at home

  • Keep to familiar routines, a calm environment and minimal change, as opposed to fitting in with schedules, a busy setting and moving into a care home

  • Opportunities for one-to-one learning and support for growth and confidence

  • Socialising is natural and meaningful friendships are built between the carer and the adult with learning disabilities

  • Enjoy learning new things with their carer in a relaxed non-judgemental atmosphere

  • Friends and family can regularly visit as normal and the carer can help with travel to social activities

  • Assistance with daily tasks that may be difficult to complete

  • A watchful and caring eye on your loved one, offering reassurance for the family to relax and live their own life

Cost of Live-in Care for Adults with Learning Disabilities

The weekly cost of learning disability live-in care at Mumby’s is tailored to the specific needs of your loved one, following a free no obligation assessment.  Comparable to nursing home fees, our live-in care charges directly cover the 1:1 care your loved one needs rather than hotel-type services.


Why choose Mumby’s live-in care?


Respite Care for Families with Learning Disabled Dependents

Mumby’s also offers respite care to allow the primary carer to have some much-needed rest and time to themselves. We understand that as a carer of someone who has a learning disability, your commitments can become overwhelming, and you need some time to look after yourself.

We offer round the clock short-term respite care to support your loved one with learning disabilities.

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