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As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Trevor has been engaged in the study and alleviation of all forms of emotional disorder for the past 55 years. His latest book, “Conducting wellbeing with dementia in the family” has received praise from distinguished professors in the UK, Australia and Malaysia. He is currently providing consulting services to family members who are struggling to manage their daily difficulties and offering 1-2-1 coaching sessions to all Mumby’s staff.

Conducting Well-Being Dementia in the Family

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Trevor Mumby’s book on coping with Dementia in the family. Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family What is Dementia? Dementia refers to a person’s inability to store facts from what they are experiencing around them. Some of the well-known diseases that produce it, include Alzheimer’s, Pick’s, Multi-infarct Dementia, Huntingdon’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Parkinson’s. ‘A [...]