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Active Care

Elderly couple dancing

Available for both Live in & Domiciliary services

We believe the health and well-being of many of our clients can be transformed with a more active schedule.

Obviously, many people in our care have conditions which seriously compromise their activities, no matter how willing. However, for many others our carers can tap enormous potential with a little gentle encouragement. Even a regular gentle walk, a game of cards, or a little light dancing around the living room can improve general well-being.

We encourage our live-in-carers especially to do their best to make our clients lives more interesting, varied and stimulating to both mind and body.

Activity suggestions

Find a place to walk – walking is one of the best activities for the elderly. Even a trip to a shopping centre or a walk to the local shop can stretch the legs.

Dance classes – these are offered for the elderly in many recreation centres. It’s a great opportunity to socialise, learn something new and has proven benefits in preventing dementia.

Remaining social – many elderly people can benefit enormously from socialising regularly with family, friends and neighbours.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for the elderly and is easier on the joints. Indoor pools offer the health benefits with protection from the elements.

Community activities – card games, bingo games and other local activities that take place should be taken advantage of, especially during the winter months. This can help you get out into the community.

Exercise at home – home video games like the Wii system can provide exercise and fun! The equipment and games are relatively cheap too.